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Hill’s Innovative Solutions is a full service product development shop bringing over two decades of experience developing products in the sporting goods, industrial equipment, medical device, power electronics and aerospace industries to our customers.

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Ideation and Product Planning

Learn how to define the area to best set up your company for success like who the customer is, what their problem(s) are, and the features and timeline for your minimum viable product (MVP) and various product iterations. 

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Successfully launch your products minimum viable product (MVP) and obtain clear customer feedback for successful product iterations quickly leading to greater income generation. 

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Inventor Assistance

It is our vision to help people obtain the freedom they desire by helping them bring their product ideas to market generating for them an income stream. Our Inventor Assistance Program is a one of a kind program to give inventors the opportunity to bring their product ideas to reality.


Product Development

New Product Development bolstered by our guiding principles, systems and process. Our simple yet effective New Product Development process allows us to help identify and plan out successful projects, design and develop products rapidly, and execute successful product launches all while assessing key performance metrics throughout the entire project.


Engineering Services

Our bread and butter is new product development and we are excited to offer all the services we use on a regular basis as an extension of your business.

Services such as idea brainstorming, product design, prototyping, and product launch.


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